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  • Ashley Monk SM 2
  • Becky Doemland 3 pp
  • Craig Anderson 2
  • Danielle Robinson 2
  • Darla Hall 6
  • Dewayne Hamilton 3
  • Felicia Banks 3
  • Gwen Brewer 1
  • Joanna Macias 3
  • Jose Delgado 4
  • Julie Buchtenkirch1 10
  • Leah Dyar Woods
  • Maciann Hayes 1
  • Marlen Wensel 4
  • Natalie Buchs Martin 6 pp1
  • Rob Lime 2
  • Shea Rink 2
  • Shelly Aristizabal 104
  • Stewart Witt 4

Whitehot Headshot

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  • 3 Reviews on “Whitehot Headshot”

    • Marty Moran Post author
      7 months ago

      Marty made me feel comfortable and confident right from the beginning, which resulted in headshots I truly loved. While I do not particularly enjoy having pictures of me taken, the process was both fun and enjoyable because of Marty’s ability to make me feel at ease. He’s a gem!


    • Marty Moran Post author
      7 months ago

      I’ve entered into a world of true professionalism! Marty feels, sees, and understands people. He is a true artist and delivers an experience in his process. I highly suggest you reach out to him!


    • Marty Moran Post author
      7 months ago

      Marty did an amazing job on my headshots! I love how he captured my best qualities and personality! Marty’s lighting expertise and technique highlights his subject’s natural qualities – eliminating the need/use of Photoshop. Simply a superb photographer!


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