John Bowyer and Jayme Hood have been playing a mix of Bluegrass and Midwestern-Roots inspired music since mid-2014. John was in a group, the Punkin Holler Boys, and had been playing in the Brown County area. One night, they double-booked a gig in Irvington, and Jayme joined John, for the 1st time, appearing as The Hammer and The Hatchet. Initially, Jayme sang while John played the guitar. Shortly after their first show, Jayme began learning to play the guitar, freeing John to be more creative with his playing.

After a well-received show, they put out their 1st album, the self-titled The Hammer and The Hatchet, just 4 months later, in 2015. They took more time to produce their 2nd album, Winter Fires, releasing it in 2016. It is a mix of studio and live performance recordings.

Over the years working together, both John and Jayme have expanded their skill-sets. Both talk about their roles as writers, and the act of co-writing all their songs.

Their lyrics come from their own experiences in a working-class life and real-life challenges, figuring it all out. They write about what they know. Their upcoming 3rd album, Road May Flood, addresses such emotional issues as suicide, losing hope, and losing the farm. The recurring theme is “keep moving forward”.

Scheduled for release this spring, Road May Flood is the result of what they’ve learned doing the first 2 albums. In the 3 years since their second album, John and Jayme have updated old songs, and recorded 22 new songs, using different locations to get the sound they wanted. They’re releasing the album on vinyl and it will be available through their website,

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