Helping Your Prospects Helps You Sell More

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      Social media posts focusing only on sales can quickly backfire.

      A constant stream of Buy from Me messaging actually makes a prospect lose interest, so what can you do to get them to take a second look?

      One of the best ways to increase interest in your product or service is through Information-First Marketing or Content Marketing. This is content that helps educate your prospect, explains your product or service without a hard sales pitch, and reduces the hesitation barrier when it comes to the buying decision.

      The Benefits:
      • Educate your prospect – they want to feel confident they are making a good choice
      • Demonstrates that you want to serve clients and prospects
      • Positions you as an expert
      • Extremely helpful if you have a complicated or very expensive product or service – the need to feel totally informed is extremely high
      What do you offer when it comes to content marketing? The types of Information-first products prospects like:
      • Tip sheets
      • Insider’s secrets
      • Buying Guide
      • Checklists
      • Intro Kit (multi media – CD or video, printed material)
      • VIP or Preview Events
      • Short Books

      When you offer helpful information instead of an aggressive sales pitch, it reduces sales resistance and gives your prospect confidence to take the next step with you. Consistent content marketing moves that prospect along the buying funnel making the ultimate sale easier for you and them.

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