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      Carly Henry

      It seems like there is never enough time to do everything we want to get done, and I’m always looking for new tips to help manage how I spend time.

      What things do you put on your schedule? What tips do you have for managing time?

      Let me know below ⬇️

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      Carly Henry

      @smallbizmatter shared some great advice in the activity feed as a response to this, here is what she said about time management:

      “I have a new term for “time management”, it’s called “self-management.” I got this term from a mentor that I listen to on a regular and it just makes sense. Time is the same 24 hours everyday; however, how we managed ourselves with the time that we have will make all the difference. I was taught this acronym – IPA’s (Income Producing Activities). I attempt to do 3 IPAs per day.. That’s a given. What activities are creating the most income? Well, there you have it. These types of IPA’s are top priority and usually the most resistant. I’ll conclude – Be comfortable being uncomfortable.”

      I just wanted to include that great bit of information here in the forums as well.

      Thank you Diane!

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