Get Your Business Selling Online

There are so many ecommerce options out there, it can be hard to know where to begin. This blog is for businesses who are either already using WordPress on their website and want to get started with ecommerce or for businesses who don’t yet have an ecommerce presence on a website and want to get going. If you already have an ecommerce solution, skip to the end for 3 tips to promote it online!

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Starting Your Online Store

While selling your products online is an excellent way to reach new customers, it can also be a minefield of legal, technical, and business considerations. This introduction is designed to get you asking the right questions so that successful sales don’t lead to headaches later.


5 Tips for Networking Success

Networking is about creating connections who become advocates for your brand. Everybody has had the “I know someone who can help!” conversation. When a friend, coworker or family member is looking for someone to help them solve a problem, you’ll know just the person they should talk to. Networking is a great way to both promote how you can help, and who to recommend when someone you know needs help.


The Foundation of Marketing Your Business

Congratulations, you’re a small business owner! What’s next? Now it’s time to get your business in front of potential customers, but how do you build the brand recognition necessary to be successful? While each business unique in exact strategy, all small businesses share the following marketing building blocks

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Starting Your Own Podcast

Starting a podcast is a great asset in building your business. Not only are you creating content that you can use to build a wider audience for your brand, it’s a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. A 2019 survey conducted by Edison Research showed that 70% of consumers are familiar with the term podcast and 51% have listened to a podcast.


Establishing a Content Calendar

Your content calendar is a collection of resources that allows you to more quickly and easily plan your social media content.

There are 3 parts you’ll keep track of, your planned (or scheduled) post content, a content calendar template to make sure you’re posting a good mix of content, and a list of events, holidays, and post ideas that haven’t been scheduled yet.

This will be your source of future posts making it easier to see what’s coming up and to post timelier and more relevant posts.

If you’re wondering why you should want a content calendar or how to get started, then read on!

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5 Ways to Promote Your Next Event

There are several events you could host. The type of event you should host depends on who your customer is and what goal you’re trying to accomplish. Your event could be social, such as a networking meetup; an informative insight into your business and the products or services you provide or a sale or special promotion.


Choosing Your Medium: What channels and social media networks should I use for my business?

How do you choose where to focus your time promoting content? You want to think about all of the channels and social media networks to find those that best work for your target audience. In this blog, we’re looking at who uses the biggest social media channels, along with some other statistics about email and direct mail.

Learn why you should focus on fewer social media channels in 2019, and which audiences can be found on which medium. Click through to find out about our workshop including social media best practices for 2019.

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