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Danny O'Malia, Indy's Trusted Servant

“I recommend anything Ryan Henry does. Why? Because he always does what he says he will do. I enjoy his Open in Indiana networking events and have met great folks there.”

Danny O’Malia, Indy’s Trusted Servant

Leader of Open In Indiana Business Casual Mingle, Angela Allen

“Carly and Ryan Henry are very knowledgeable in gaining exposure through social media. I highly recommend attending at least one Open in Indiana event.”

Angela Allen, Vital Equity Realty

“I have been to several workshops hosted by Ryan and Open In Indiana. The workshops are the right size to get the personal attention you need to understand and implement the information. Ryan is very knowledgeable, encouraging, supportive, collaborative, patient, and professional. I would recommend Open In Indiana to anyone needing help with their electronic marketing needs.”

Michael Burger, Four Seasons Consulting Group

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Danny O'Malia - Indy's Trusted Servant

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